We’re working with Airbnb and Concert Media to bring the unique Alley experience to modern music audiences.

One of the hottest trends today is the “intimate concert”–live music played for a a smaller audience in unique environments that play to the atmosphere of the musician and the crowd. The All3y has wowed musicians for decades, and now it’s wowing audiences as well.


Here’s where you can find our newest showcases. Follow the post links to find detailed information about dates, times, ticket prices and more.

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Alexander Bernard, a psychedelic future pop funk artist born in suburban New Jersey and now residing in Los Angeles. His extensive catalogue of music is active in the sync world, but he always knew that he wanted to portray himself as an artist and not just a songwriter. On his first two projects – The Paisley EP and The Stripe EP, Alexander seeks to blend the senses by emphasizing the textural components of his productions. Hugely inspired by the idea of merging tones of classic rock records and contemporary pop, Alexander divides his time between trading off multiple instruments for a sound aligned with Tame Impala meets Prince with a touch of Tom Misch.

Satta is a new breed of music artist who believes technology is an extension of the human spirit. Satta is on the eve of rolling out his solo debut ep “Lo Tech Hi Life”. His intimate cinematic take on Pop & Urban music is just as awe-inspiring and unique as his performance accompanied by the use of a music glove that triggers samples and effects with his hand. His inspirations include Daft Punk, Kanye West & Frank Ocean

Lianna’s music is a seamless mix of Bob Dylan-style storytelling and Mazzy Star shoegaze, her summertime dream pop maps Instagram-era Hollywood drama onto sweeping classic melodies that stand on the shoulders of several generations of towering troubadours.

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Patrick Martin is a Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter from Saukville, Wisconsin. Inspired by the likes of Queen, Jeff Buckley, and Coldplay, Patrick’s left-of-center sound manifests itself in emotive anthems. His live experience includes a support performance for Martin Garrix at Summer Fest as well as an opening slot at Spring Awakening for headliner, Dillion Francis. Bellsaint – with a sound reminiscent of a modern-day Nancy Sinatra meets Adele, this Los Angeles-based siren is on the edge of becoming a household name. Trent Peltz is a piano-oriented Blues/Rock artist currently in The Pink Slips, who finished supporting Guns n Roses on their European Tour in 2018. He is largely influenced by music greats, like The Beatles, Elton John, and Ray Charles.

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We’re ringing in the new year a couple days early.

Sat, Dec 298:00 PM − 10:00 PM
$15 per person
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Gabe Acheson is a London-born, Baltimore-raised, L.A.-residing songwriter and pianist who records under the name of Goldwash. He makes dance-while-you-cry music that sounds like what you might get by throwing jazz, electronic music, and RnB into a blender. He calls the sound “Existential Funk,” and it’s all to do with “turning sh*tty experiences into positive things.”

Inspired & the Sleep is the San Diego/LA-based musical project of songwriter/producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. With a revolving lineup of additional players, Greenhalgh and Outcault produce pop arrangements that are at once warmly familiar and sweetly off-kilter. Incorporating traditional indie-rock instrumentation with various electronic elements and vinyl sampling, the pop-rock outfit perpetually reinvents their sound while staying true to their groove-oriented backbone.

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SOZ is known for their euphoric sounds, courtesy of their electronic synths and 808 marching band drums. They’re based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, which also inspires their future bass sound.

In 2015, under the name “All The Sauce”, the duo released their first project, “Go” on SoundCloud. Most recently, SOZ has released four of their own singles– each song has its own dedicated artwork, painted by Borbay as part of his “Mindscape Series”– leading to an upcoming EP release.

Brandt Orange is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is heavily influenced by anything from alternative R&B to 80s dance crazes, and always puts storytelling at the forefront of his musical prowess.

In the spring of 2018, he released his first project, “Chaser:” a two-sided single that showed off his narrative songwriting style and his nonchalant R&B vocals. His latest single, “Damn Mountains,” was released in September of this year, and is the second single off his upcoming, self-produced EP that’s planned for early 2019.

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Concert media show @ ALL3Y studios Friday October 12.
Music by Trent peltz @ 8.30 pm
William Bolton @ 9.30 pm
Live art experience by Oliver Sloan.
Get your tickets @
@tpeltz @dimitrc @williambolton_ @imjusto @oliverksloan @concert_media

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A lot of great artists have passed through our doors over the decades. Well… all of them, really. These are just a few of our most recent visitors, delivered here to you by the magic of the internet and social media.

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In addition to the exciting young artists who are making their names at Alley studios, we’re excited to hear from all the other musicians who spent time at the Alley over the last 50 years. From you we can learn the stories of those artists who helped create the Alley’s legacy. Don’t hesitate to send us a message.


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